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JPurcell5wDollar for dollar, healthcare has the biggest perceived (and real) value for employees. At the same time, it is an employer’s biggest headache. Skyrocketing costs and the uncertainties surrounding Obamacare are leading many industry executives to consider curtailing or abandoning healthcare benefits altogether and letting employees fend for themselves.

Fortunately, changes in healthcare present opportunities for companies to maintain, and even enhance, existing coverage over time. The key is helping employees take better care of themselves and appropriately access the healthcare system.  While many of today’s workplace wellness programs achieve disappointing results, there is a better (Worksite Wellness 2.0) way.

Jim Purcell is a healthcare speaker, strategist and facilitator, specializing in healthcare reform and ACO strategies for healthcare participants and companies. He helps large employers who pay millions for employee coverage, provider organizations such as hospital systems, physician practice groups and others understand and meet the quickly evolving changes in modern healthcare.

Jim is not an academic observer. His keynote speaking, workshops, Board and Senior Management retreats and planning sessions and healthcare consulting draw from decades of hands-on experience in all aspects of healthcare industry.

Is your company agonizing over health insurance? If you are a healthcare participant company or large employer facing the daunting challenge of healthcare or health insurance, Jim can help you chart a better course and think strategically about future possibilities.  Jim is particularly involved in a new business model for workplace wellness.

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