Jim PurcellJim Purcell works with media outlets to provide expertise and real world experience in business healthcare reform, redesign of employee benefit structures, a new business model for workplace wellness, and what to expect and demand from providers and insurers. We provide practical, relevant information tailored to your particular media audience, from takeaways step by step to futurist views of what healthcare and employee wellness and benefits should be and how to get there.

Interviews, Contributed Articles & Guest Blog Posts

Jim Purcell is available for media interviews and editorial contributions to traditional and online media. We work with journalists, editors, producers and bloggers to discuss:

  • How to create a new business model for workplace wellness with real ROI;
  • How to design programs that will identify, engage and motivate employees and their families who are at risk of becoming chronically ill to take steps to avoid chronic illness
  • How to incorporate healthcare reform as a core business strategy
  • How top companies are restructuring their relationships with insurers
  • How strategic changes (disruptive) can help employers create real value for themselves AND their employees
  • How to redesign healthcare coverage and implement workplace wellness to maintain existing coverage and improve coverage over time
  • How to boost employee productivity and morale

Case Studies and Success Stories

Jim Purcell can provide case studies and healthcare reform success stories showing how companies are successfully implementing thoughtful but disruptive changes to achieve value for their premium dollar, while advancing corporate strategy in developing a healthy, productive, and loyal  workforce. We go beyond theory and show you how to apply our innovative business models to benefit both businesses and employees.

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