Jim Purcell helps large employers and healthcare organizations realize their healthcare objectives. Drawing from years of executive healthcare leadership, he helps management and boards of directors develop a strategic, future-oriented approach in the following areas: 490A1637

Corporate Retreats

No business is immune from the oncoming healthcare changes. Whether you’re a healthcare system participant, or purchase employee health insurance, Jim can help your management and boards of directors engage in long-term planning and repositioning the relationships among employers, insurers, providers, and all who are covered by health insurance.

Jim’s hands on corporate retreats can help your company or organization facilitate discussions about your future healthcare positioning and help your company understand: (i) where you are and how you got there; (ii) identify what needs to be changed; and (iii) provide actionable steps to maintain and improve existing insurance coverage without breaking the bank.

Jim is particularly focused on a new business model for workplace wellness.  He understands the disappointment many businesses experience regarding ROI, or lack thereof, and is ready to strategically assist companies to move to Wellness 2.0 in a paradigm shifting way.  He has presented and written extensively on this topic.

His corporate retreats are a unique and effective blend of speaking, engaging, and facilitating strategic decisions on coverage and employee engagement.

Preparation. Before a retreat, Jim develops a keen understanding of your current strategic plan, including future options that are being considered by the Board.

Jim will review your company’s strategic planning goals, and talk with your CEO and perhaps the Board Chair, about their planning process and possible choices for the future. This advance planning ensures that Jim is prepared and on point, ensuring that while always being entertaining, he addresses your specific needs in direct and actionable ways.

Presentation. At the outset of a retreat, Jim will draw from his review of your circumstances and his experience to present for 1-2 hours, reviewing your company’s past successes and failures, and current healthcare realities. Jim will deliver a personalized vision for your company’s healthcare future, describing how your company can create an optimal healthcare program.

Facilitation. After fielding questions, Jim will facilitate a discussion around early formation of a new strategic plan vis a vis healthcare delivery reform. This is designed to engage Board members to participate in the give and take of ideas and planning, helping your company’s leadership avoid the minefields that most certainly exist in healthcare, and maximize your chances for and engaged Board creating the foundation of a new strategic approach to healthcare.

Key discussion areas include a transformation of patient responsibilities, how to define optimal roles and relationships with your health insurer, and how to hold your health insurer and your employees accountable.

Healthcare Organization Retreats

Large provider practice groups (hospital systems, physicians, accountable care organizations, community health centers, etc.) are facing enormous changes. To succeed, they must understand the current realities and the probable new demands that will be made on them in the near future.

Jim can help your organization develop a comprehensive understanding of the healthcare system as a whole, how it got to where it got, and given “reform,” where it most likely will go in the future. He will help you create a vision to not only anticipate but thrive in such a future, drawing on his background as a former COO and CEO of a major health insurer.

Jim understands the fragmented condition of our so called healthcare system, and many very intelligent, talented professionals within that system have little understand what other participants do, will do, and how they will interact with your organization. You need this perspective, and Jim can bring it.

Jim can interact with virtually all of the areas in the healthcare system, including financial, legal, quality of care, delivery systems, reimbursement, data and IT. This means that he if familiar with not only the participants themselves, but also the financial, legal, etc., aspects for each.

Because Jim understands payors, he can help your company know what to expect from them now and in the future, and quite frankly, what your company should be demanding of them. He jokingly refers to his approach as “know your enemy,” but his view is that in the future, insurers and providers will find themselves working shoulder to shoulder to achieve success in our healthcare future. As difficult as it is to envision now, he fundamentally believes that insurers can and will become provider groups’ best business partners.

Employer Health Insurance Consulting

Jim can bring enormous value to large non-healthcare businesses struggling with what to do about health insurance and their employees. There is a better way, and Jim can help you find it.

The future state, in Jim’s view, will require large businesses to develop new programs with their insurers, employees and primary care providers to alleviate rising healthcare costs. He can help large companies formulate and implement a healthcare and health insurance strategy that actually maintains existing employee healthcare coverage and, over time and based on results, improves that coverage.

Jim can help your Board and Senior Management: (i) understand the financial trajectory of healthcare costs under current circumstances; (ii) identify changes to help your company maintain and perhaps even improve healthcare coverage for employees over time; and (iii) provide advice and some actionable steps on how to accomplish those changes. In appropriate circumstances, Jim can help your company implement those changes, particularly with your employees.

Changes in behavior and activities must occur on several levels, and strategies must be developed to achieve those changes. Jim can help your company:

  • Change the role of its health insurer vis a vis its network of providers;
  • Change the role of its health insurer vis a vis the company’s employees and their families;
  • Create a uniquely focused program to assist employees who are chronically ill and who are at risk of becoming so; and
  • Dramatically improve how employees and their families take care of themselves and access the healthcare system responsibly.

Jim’s deep health insurance experience and years of dealing with employees and labor unions helps him to act as an honest broker/ mediator, bringing “peace into the room” that encourages dialogue between employers and employees leading to significant employee behavioral changes that will form a key basis for maintaining existing coverage and perhaps enhancing that coverage over time.

Jim is confident that the care given to your employees can be improved, that employees and their families can take better care of themselves and access the healthcare system more responsibly, and that costs can be thereby be moderated.

What’s required is significant and disruptive change on many levels that helps companies prepare for the future. No one ever said it would be easy or simple to do, but Jim has the experience and passion to help you do this.

Speaking and Moderating for Conferences

Jim Purcell is a seasoned speaker and moderator who sets the tone for corporate events, industry events and healthcare conferences.

Keynotes. With a combination of entertainment, experienced-based insights and a challenging delivery, Jim informs, challenges and inspires even the most resistant audiences with an informed, practical vision for overcoming challenges in the everchanging healthcare delivery landscape.

Moderation. Jim moderates panel discussions and entire conferences and corporate events. Drawing from his broad-based experience he easily connects with audiences and presenters, setting the tone for an entire event.

Webinars. Jim brings his knowledge of healthcare reform, primary care, and insurers to bear in conducting webinars on virtually any topic in healthcare reform.

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